A downloadable game for Windows

This was my entry for the 2018 SA Game Jam, putting it here for archiving purposes. Feel  free to try it out :)

You play as Mr Robo, a robot tasked with getting as high as possible (literally)
Your goal is to climb higher and higher in each level, unlocking new abilities as you ascend, eventually reaching the top to claim the ultimate pickup and check how fast you made it.

Sights by Samuel Burnett
Sounds by Scott Burnett
With assets from Quixel Megascans and some Unreal Engine starter  content I think (I made this a while ago)


The Proving Grounds V1.3.rar 637 MB


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Please optimize this. My PC can run apex on max settings with 144 fps and I have 15 fps in this game...

Hi there, I'm really sorry to hear that, other tests I've done had good performance so I'm not sure what the issue could be. The graphics options should help get some performance back but I'm not sure what would be causing 15fps

I set the graphics to minimum but I still had 15 fps...but hey, it looks gorgeous


Great Game DEV 💯👍


Hey! Thanks so much for playing, I found it very informative to see how you approached the obstacles and I'm keeping it in mind for future games and level design :) 

Apparently i was never given the grappling hook...

It's possible to get upgrades for the grappling hook before unlocking it, though if you do pick up an upgrade, when you get the grappling hook the upgrades will already be in effect. 
On the Testing chambers level, the grappling hook can be found at the top of the blue tower once you reach the big dome area.
On the Desert mine map,  the grappling hook can be found about halfway up As seen here (timestamp is 10:55)